Date : 9, June 2016

Dar Al Atta'a Ramadan Activities

Here we are, approaching the holy month of Ramadhan, where most of us are more eager in engaging ourselves by creating charity activities due to the good deeds rewarded in return. And among those, are the pioneers in this field, Dar Al Atta’a Association (DAA), which has tremendous activities & Initiatives throughout Ramadhan. In this interview, we have approached Ms. May Al Bayat, Head of Marketing Department at DAA to highlight on their upcoming activities, as we started by congratulating on the holy month & by asking what’s on DAA plan for Ramadhan? With excitement, May Al Bayat responses & states that DAA’s plan is filled with activities & Initiatives that will differ in their locations, goals & targets. In Ramadhan this year, we have almost 12 activities across the Sultanate, such as Ramadhan Ration Distribution, Hand in Hand with Shangri-la Bar Al Jissah Resort & Spa, Qaranqasho with Bank Sohar, The 17th SME Forum, Ifttaar Sa’em & Kaswat Al Eid distributed envelopes, DAA Tables at Commercial Centres, Al Obaidani Boxes & Envelopes, House Renovations with Omantel, Donation Boxes with City Centre Muscat & Qurum, Ifttaar Sa’em Campaign at Mosques, Shopping at Sabco Centre Campaign and (One Rial) campaign. Therefore, we will highlight on all above events in brief, starting with Ramadhan Ration, where May states that this campaign is with the collaboration of different entities to distribute the Ration package which includes essentials, worth of RO.30/- per box. The entities collaborated with where Bank Muscat employees that contributed RO.4500/- to be distributed in Siya & Jabal Al Aswad in Qurayat, Al Hamra in Nizwa & Al Rustaq, with Bank Sohar that contributed RO.7500/- to be distributed in Qurayat, BidBid, Al Suwaiq, Sohar along with 50 unprivileged families that are registered with DAA, Daleel Petroleum Co. that contributed RO.5000/- to be distributed in Ibri, Students of Khimijis Institute that contributed RO.630/- to be distributed in Sidab, Argan Towell Co. that contributed RO.1000/- to be distributed in Barka, while Shell Company has contributed with 100 ration packages to be distributed to those unprivileged families that might approach DAA during Ramadhan. And as in for Hand in Hand, this will be the 3rd collaboration with Shangri-la Bar Al Jissah Resort & Spa, as there will be different activities weekly (each weekend) at Al Mazaar Souq, aiming to support NGOs, SMEs where all proceeds will be donated to DAA. As in for the Qaranqasho Celebrations by mid Ramadhan, an event will take place in exclusive collaboration with Bank Sohar, targeting the unwell children at Sultan Qaboos Hospital, Royal Hospital, Khaoula Hospital & Dar Al Hanan, by visiting them and creating that magical moments filled with joy & gifts. Why have we have selected these kids, because to our opinion, they are somehow forgotten as most Qaranqasho events takes places at malls & centres, so it’s difficult for them to attend, hence we bring that atmosphere to them. And for that, we would like to thank the management of the hospitals for their corporation & for allowing us to arrange this. Also, in the same event, we are collaborating with Shangri-la Bar Al Jissah Resort & Spa to distribute some custom made cookies to the unwell kids as well as bring over the turtle mascot to spend some time with the kids Coming to our most awaited event in Ramadhan, the 17th SME Forum that would take place on 8th, 9th & 10th June at Al Noor Hall from 8:00pm – 12:00am, where different 68 SMEs will showcase their items that differs from clothing, accessories, perfumes & all what mothers & kids need for Eid. As usual, entrance will be charged at RO.1/- where entire proceeds will ensure used for Kiswat Al Eid (Eid Clothing). This Ramadhan, we will also collaborate with 50 Beauty Centres, Restaurants, Cafes & some Boutiques to have our Ifttaar Sa’em & Kaswat Al Eid envelopes distributed with each bill presented to a client in order for them to donate if they wish, then gets sealed & handed to us. Each year, we have our DAA Tables at 3 locations, Muscat Grand Mall, City Centre Muscat & City Centre Qurum, but this year we have expanded to 21 locations to reach out more Commercial Centers for ease of reach to those who wish to donate. New locations in addition to the previous includes Oman Avenues Mall, Lulu Hypermarket (A’Seeb, Al Mawaleh & Bauher), Sultan Centre (Qurum & Athaiba), The Wholesale Centre (Al Khoudh & Al Amerat), Ramez Hypermarket (A’Seeb), Al Meera Hypermarket (Athaiba) & KM Hypermarket (Athaiba Khuwair) along with couple of fillings stations, such as Shell Petrol Stations, Shopper Express (Al Sarooj, City Centre Muscat & Al Khuwair opp. Zakher Mall) & Oman Oil Petrol Stations, Ahlain (Al Athaiba 18th Nov Street, Bausher besides Lulu Hypermarket, Al Qurum Darsait flyover & Al Mawaleh) On these tables, our representatives will be selling coupons where people can purchase to support one of the following causes; Sadaqa, Zakat, Ifttaar Sa’em, Kiswat Al Eid & Sponsoring a Family or a Student. Those who are interested can also don’t aerial via or head directly to the DAA main office in Madinat A’Sultan Qaboos. “In addition to other Kiswat Al Eid campaigns, we will also be collaborating with Al Obaidani Textiles.” says May. Where we will place boxes that clients can donate their second hand dishdasha, but they should be in good wearable condition. Added to that, there will be the RO.5/- coupons that they can buy, which proceeds will go to buy new dishdashas for eid for the underprivileged families registered with DAA. This campaign will only be available at the following branches f al Obaidani; Al Khuwair, Al Qurum, Al Khoudh, 18th Nov Street Athaiba, Al Ghubra, Al Amerat, Barka, Al Hail, Al Ma’abela & Shatti Al Qurum. May Added: “Each year, from 2007-2013 , DAA collaborated with Omantel to distribute Ramadan Ration packs across The Sultanate, where since 2 years back, we took a step forward & diverted our collaboration into an initiative which is more sustainable and we renewed the collaboration this year which is renovating houses for those unfortunate families across Oman. This initiative aims to renovate approx. 22 houses with an approximate cost of RO.5000/- per house. Imagine the happiness the family would feel, welcoming Eid in almost a new house, wouldn’t that be great?” In a new collaboration with City Centre Muscat & Qurum, comes the “Share a part of you” campaign, where donations boxes will be placed infront of Carrefour within the Centre & visitors are welcome to donate toys, books & cloths of which they love the most. This act reflects the true meaning of Giving.. Giving from the heart what you love the most, to those less fortunate than you. As for the Ifttaar Sa’em at Mosques initiative, there will be collaboration with 11 Mosques in & out of Muscat, targeting approx. 850 individuals daily in total throughout Ramadhan to provide them with Ifttaar meals. Here we will be mainly concentrating on those workers & foreigners to create that family atmosphere gathering. This Ramadhan, we will also be joining hands for the first time with Sabco Centre, as they would be donating RO.1/- for each shopping bill by a client. This is part of their CSR & the proceeds will be utilised for the Student Care program. “Coming to our final campaign, the “One Rial” campaign donation via a click of a button: as May described. As you can donate one rial by sms-ing the word “donate” & sending by SMS to 90001 for Omantel users only. Finally, May Al Bayat; Head of Marketing Department at DAA, would like to take this opportunity to thank all the corporations, individuals, members & volunteers for their support & believe in DAA, for their dedication & for making our initiatives happen. And we would also like to highlight that those interested, can donate to the following accounts with Bank Muscat: Family Care Program: 0315003966850024 Student Care Program: 0315003966850016 Zakat, via Meethaq Islamic Banking: 0611003966850064 Also donations are accepted electronically via For more information, they may contact us on 24692996 / 24602882 or via Social Media, on twitter @daralattaa , instagram: daralatta & facebook:

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