Date : 10, October 2017

Dar Al Atta’a Prepares to Celebrate World Food Day

World Food Day is celebrated annually around the world on 16th of October, and it is a day that is announced by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations. This day is celebrated on a large scale by many other organizations that are associated with food security, in addition to World Food Programme.


Dar Al Atta’a prepares as usual to celebrate this day by joining with schools, companies, and volunteers in collecting food material that will be distributed on that day.


For this occasion, May Al Bayat the Head of Marketing Department, remarks, “The organization celebrates this day in aim to raise awareness between community members, and to pinpoint them to the suffering of many poor and hungry families from around the world. This occasion is celebrated by more than 150 countries every year. In Dar Al Atta’a we address community’s members and organizations to work with us to collect the biggest amount of food material, and to distribute them on who deserves, all in celebration of this day.”


It is noted that Dar Al Atta’a opens its doors to receive voluntary contributions of food material every day, in its store located in “Ruwi”, and in Dar Al Atta’a headquarter in “Bawshar” by a deadline which ends on 10th of October.


For inquiries please call / 24222884

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