Nama Launches Charity E-Service in collaboration with Dar Al Atta’a

Extending community outreach and deepening its Social Responsibility initiatives of Nama Group, in cooperation with Dar Al Atta’a, created an E-charity service to suppo...


Donation Coupons

Now you can donate to Eid clothing, iftar meal, sponsoring a family,sponsoring a student and zakat in the in the following locations:

City Center Muscat

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How can i Donate, Easy Steps

  • 1
  • Select how much you want to Donate
  • Provide us your preference by denoting how much you can donate.
  • 2
  • Fill The Simple Form
  • Fill up a simple form to let us know a bit about you and donation reason.
  • 3
  • Feel proud on helping out
  • Fill the form, send it to us and feel proud to be a part of our donation campaign..