May 2017

Dar Alatt'a Gala Dinner

Dar Al Atta’a’s annual charity dinner was a glittering event held at the Al Bustan Palace hotel, in the presence of the Chief Guest His Highness Sayyid Taimur bin Asad bin Tariq Al Said.

At the event, held at the five-star hotel run by Ritz-Carlton on Tuesday evening, Dar Al Atta’a announced and awarded some of their biggest sponsors ...

Oman's Dar Al Atta’a honours Let’s Read winners

Winners of Dar Al Atta'a Let's Read 9th Children's Writing Competition were honoured at a prize giving ceremony at Al Qurum Complex on Saturday. 

The students were given an opportunity to read out their entries at the event.

Earlier, students were invited to submit a maximum of 500 words, in English or Arabic, on the subje...

Maintenance house in Al Sifah .

Dar Al Atta in collaboration with Bar Al Jissah Resort & Spa helped with the maintenance of an underprivileged family house in Al Sifah .

Build a kitchen in Al Khairan .

Dar Al Atta in collaboration with Bar Al Jissah Resort & Spa bulid a kitchen for an underprivileged family house in Al Khairan .

Oman Society for Petroleum Services donates bus library to Dar Al Atta

Maktabati, Oman's first mobile library programme, operated by Dar Al Atta, received a second bus to cover a greater number of schools across the Sultanate.

The customised bus was granted by Oman Society for Petroleum Services (OPAL), to channel funds received from members in support of community projects conceived as part of a new Corporate Social ...

Women Heath Lecture at Majils Al Atta'a

Women Heath Lecture at Majlis Al Att'a in Al Jabal Al Aswad, A collabration with Siyaa medical centre 

Ramadan ration distribution

Dar Al Atta’a has urged the public to make donations to their Ramadan ration and iftar meals programme.

Last year, the organisation had distributed 1,000 ration packages all across the country. The public has now invited to donate OMR30 per Ramadan ration package and OMR1.5 per iftar meal if they want to contribute towards the programme this year...

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