April 2018

With the participation of more than 20 Embassies .. International food fair attracts thousands of visitors

Recently, Dar Al-Att’a Association struck up the International food fair for the third year consecutively at the MUSCAT INTERCONTINENTAL PARK.

More than 21 embassies from around the world participated in this event where the embassies are presenting dishes, fashion and musical performances that representing their culture.


Dar Al...

In Cooperation with Thawani Platform for Electronic Payment .. Inauguration of an initiative ( Tamkeen ANN) favor Dar Al-Atta’a.

In cooperation with author’s website ANN AL-KINDI and Thawani platform for electronic payment, Dar Al-Atta’a Association inaugurated Ann Employment (Tamkeen Ann ) Initiative that aimed to activate the electronic donation through Thawani platform for the empowerment program adopted by Dar Al-Atta’a Association.

A vice-president of Dar Al-At...

After aggravation their suffering as refugees in the last period .. Dar Al-Atta’a at a visit to Al-Rohinga camps to discuss their requirements

In cooperation with the Omani authority for charity, Dar Al-Atta’a Association visited Al-Rohinga refugee’s camps at a city of Cox Bazar of Bangladesh.

With help of the Deputy Head of Mission at the Sultanate’s Embassy in Bangladesh, the delegation of the commission distributed a number of food aid to nearly 1000 families.

Where th...

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