Date : 13, June 2016

17th SME Forum

As its annual practice, during this time of the holy month, Dar Al Atta'a Association (DAA) plans a Small & Business Entrepreneur Forum at Al Noor Hall in Madinat A'Sultan Qaboos. And in this year, it comes in its 17th season, which was held on 8th, 9th & 10th June 2016.

8, 9, 10th June


In this year's forum, almost 68 different entrepreneurs participated with a wide selection of mothers & kids items. Where an entry fee of RO.1/- was charged & as known, proceeds of this forum will be utilized for the Kiswat Al Eid (Eid Clothing) program for the underprivileged.

This is the only forum that DAA arranges annually & it's by the participants & guests testimonials; it's considered as the most successful exhibition that takes place in the Sultanate annually. For that is why, spaces are sold out within just few hours from opening the registration.

At the Forum, we might find annually repeated participants, that's because they know, that this would be best participation & the most beneficial for them, so they make sure to be the first ones to register. Along with that, we annually receive new & different participations, where we always get to see innovative & creative local talents which ranges from cloths designs, accessories, bags, traditional outfits & lots more, all under one roof.

And here, we take a walk among some of the participants & guests to know their view on this year's forum.

Starting with Maitha Al Harthy, owner of Methany Boutique, providing Abayas, Jalabiyas, Accessories & Bukhour. She states that this is her 7th annual participation with the forum. Though she owns a Store, but she wouldn't miss an opportunity to join in every Ramadhan, because to her, this is a successful forum due to the huge turnouts of visitors & from those category she'd love to have as clients and also because she believes how strong & well reputed it is. On the other hand, she praises DAA's care that is extended to the participant’s pre & during the forum. And by asking her, what's your aim in participating in such forums, she says ... Marketing & Networking, where she requests DAA to hold 2 such forums per year instead of one


From Dhofar, Salalah particularly, joins the two couples, Faisal & Shaima, participating for the first time with their Cafe, The Chocolate Room, which is located at Salalah Gardens Mall. They've participated after hearing positive feedbacks from previous participants. Because their aim is to reach out to the market & create exposure to their cafe, being it in the holy month of Ramadhan, they also loved to join as part of the Company's CSR, since proceeds of the forum will be utilized to provide a necessity to those less fortunate. Also they aim was to train their employees to work under pressure, since Khareef Salalah is approaching & a huge guests turnout is expected at the Cafe. Therefore, it's a good opportunity to learn from the field.

We also met two guests & asked them for their opinions, says Manal Sultan Al Battashi, this is my first visit ever, I really loved the set up & the variety of items, all under one roof, makes shopping easier. But she wishes that DAA can have it next year in a bigger venue due to the huge crowed.

Where Ghadeer Abdullatif Al Lawati says, I make sure to visit it yearly, because I know I can find here what I am looking for, be it an outfit, an accessory or make up & it's also a chance to see the items in reality after seeing them on Instagram. She always likes how organized is the place, which makes shopping easier & also wishes that in the coming years, it will be held in a bigger venue.

And here, DAA wishes to thanks the officials & all partners in making this a successful event which as declared earlier will be utilized for the Kiswat Al Eid (Eid Clothings) for those less fortunate, therefore creating happiness into the kids hearts to live Eid's joy.



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