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In celebration of Eid Al Adh’ha Dar Al Atta’a Distributes Sacrifices (Udhiya), Clothing and Eidia Worth OMR 34, 316

Dar Al Atta’a had recently distributed sacrifices coupons and this step is done annually as part of the “Family Welfare Program”. The social researchers in the charity have counted the eligible families to receive sacrifices, and coupons were handed out to them to get their sacrifices from the municipalities’ slaughterhouses.


The number of eligible families to sacrifices have reached 373 families from all over Oman; costing 42 Rial for each family which is OMR 15,666 in total.


Moreover, Eid al-Adha Eidia was distributed to 1365 child by giving 10 Rial to each child which is approximately OMR 13,650 in total. “Daleel Petroleum” company and Bank Sohar contributed by an amount of OMR 5,000 each for Eid clothing.


The amount of distributed donations has reached OMR 34,316, in the form of Eidia, sacrifices (Udhiya), and Eid clothing in all across the Sultanate  governorates. Dar Al Atta’a always seeks to join in with unprivileged families in all occasions as it is part of the charity’s belief that those families are an important part of this nation.


Board members at Dar Al Atta’a extend their thanks and appreciation to the donors for their generous contributions towards this Noble Cause.


Donating for the Family Welfare Program is on account No. 0315003966850024 – Bank Muscat


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