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Dar Al Atta’a Launches “ Help our Neighbors” (Yemen) campaign

In association with Oman Charitable Organization, Dar Al Atta'a had launched a new campaign "Help Our Neighbor" to aid our affected brothers\sisters in Yemen as they had to migrate their homes, and they lost their jobs. The campaign will continue throughout August, 2017.

The campaign aims toward gathering funds and receiving voluntary contributions. Dar Al Atta'a will hand in the donations to Oman Charitable Organization which on its behalf will coordinate with the competent authorities in Yemen to distribute aid materials depending on priorities and necessities, to help effectively and concretely.

Dar Al Atta'a accepts donations through:

Bank transfers to the account which has been allocated for aid programs, bank account No: 0315003966850059 Bank Muscat. And Online through\daralatta , or by donating personally and directly in Dar Al Atta'a headquarters in Bawshar, Commercial District (Al-Hay Al-Tegary) building No. 117

Dar Al Atta'a volunteers are going to be present in shopping centers in weekends to gather donations. It will be further announced about the locations and times throughout the organization's social media accounts.

Furthermore, Dar AL Atta'a announces that it will receive material donations whether new or used, but with the condition of it being in a good status (covers – blankets – dry canned food material, edible for a duration not less than 6 months – cloths – first aid – medical equipment – toys etc.)  And to be handed in both the organization's headquarter in Bawshar or in the Organization's store in Ruwi.

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