Date : 6, December 2016

Dar Al Atta'a Association awarded as the Leading Charity Organization in GCC for humanitarian work

Dar Al Atta'a Association was selected among the winners of the humanitarian work of the Gulf Cooperation Council at the fifth session, which was held in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Honorable Mariam Issa Al Zadjali the Chairperson of Dar Al Atta'a Association has received the award of the Leading Charity Organization in GCC for humanitarian work in accordance with the criteria for the award as the role played in humanitarian Business.

Humanitarian Award of the Gulf Cooperation Council came from the initiative of the Training and Development Center as the first specialized award in the GCC region , the official humanitarian work and its reflect the charitable and humanitarian efforts for the people of the Gulf Cooperation Council, which is the finest examples in the teachings of humanitarian and giving where the award is intended to honor the leader in government projects cooperation Council (GCC) and to highlight the goodness in the Gulf and its role in the construction of human societies

Mariam Al Zadjali said after receiving the award, we are very pleased with this award and appreciate the efforts made by the evaluation committee in the award, which we consider to be an incentive for us to put in  more effort and contribution in humanitarian noble work. The award reflects the efforts made by the association in charity work with the help of the needy, i dedicate this prize to the associations board members, members, volunteers, donors, corporate.  This award for Dar Al Atta’a Association which is a non-profit volunteer- based charity that was formed in 2002 and formally registered as a charity in the Ministry of Social Development in 2006.
She added that the Association has since established a number of different programs as a family welfare program, education care program, the empowerment program, disaster relief and other humanitarian programs associated with activities such as providing ration in holy month Ramadan preference, Eids and other occasions.


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