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Location :Shangri-la     Date :23, May 2016     Time :7:30 PM

Dar Al Atta’s Big Give Competition

The Big Give Competition is a charitable creativity contest that targets students of higher education in colleges and universities of the Sultanate. 
A group of eight students from each educational institute work in teams to create and implement a project that fundraises for the benefit of the programs sponsored by Dar Al Atta'a Association.
The aim of the contest is to extend the values and importance of charity, to encourage the youth to approach volunteer work and to develop team work ethics and strengthen their project planning and project execution skills.
Since its launch in 2011, the Big Give Competition has achieved a revenue of 117,077.150 Omani Rials, which sponsored the building of 2 homes, provided 84,888 school meals and paid for the renovation of 20 houses. An accomplishment made possible by the Almighty’s help and the generous efforts and hard work of the students.

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