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Location :     Date :14, March 2018     Time :

With the participation of more than 20 Embassies International food fair attracts thousands of visitors

Recently, Dar Al-Att’a Association struck up the International food fair for the third year consecutively at the MUSCAT INTERCONTINENTAL PARK.

More than 21 embassies from around the world participated in this event where the embassies are presenting dishes, fashion and musical performances that representing their culture.


Dar Al-Atta’a Association organized the event for this year to support partial scholarship for disabled students, which within the sponsorship of school students’ program which adopted by association.


A number of Arabic, Asian, foreign and Gulf embassies participated in the event in addition to distinctive attending for the Omani nook.

The theater has seen a number of popular arts and traditional dances (folklore) for each of Syria, India, Iraq and Lebanon.

In addition, has seen many value encashments, which included airline tickets from Al-Salam airlines and free coupon from Kerves Gym, Dar Al-Asseel, Cristal Salon, Bassam Fatouh Salon, Elie Café, New York Fries, Little Gym and Nanaz Restaurant.  

Marketing director in Dar Al-Atta’a Association Mrs. Maisa’a Al-Hnaea commented: this is the third year that Dar Al-Atta’a organize this event.

Which contribute to support one of the programs adopted by association where this year contributed in support partial scholarship for disabled students care program, which include providing clothes, school tools and daily meals.

In addition to prepare con figuration rows in public school and full, partial scholarship for students of higher education.

I would like to thank the embassies and participating sponsors in this charity event, which include a number of different cultures through dishes, popular dances and traditional clothes of participating countries.

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