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Location :     Date :19, March 2018     Time :

In Cooperation with Thawani Platform for Electronic Payment Inauguration of an initiative ( Tamkeen ANN) favor Dar Al-Atta’a

In cooperation with author’s website ANN AL-KINDI and Thawani platform for electronic payment, Dar Al-Atta’a Association inaugurated Ann Employment (Tamkeen Ann ) Initiative that aimed to activate the electronic donation through Thawani platform for the empowerment program adopted by Dar Al-Atta’a Association.


A vice-president of Dar Al-Atta’a Association Mrs. Eman Al-Wahaibi commented: we are working in Dar Al-Atta’a on promotion the principle of spreading the giving culture and rooting it, and to reach these goals, we are constantly looking for partners whose can help us in apply the latest ways in the area of fund-raising.

In this context, this agreement aimed to facilitating the transfer of donations to association’s accounts immediately through the multi-featured application (THAWANI).


The author Ann Al-Kindi adds: I came up with the idea of making my website a platform of charity work through the Omani application Thawani, where all visitors to my website www.annalkindi.net to donate to Dar Al-Atta’a Association where donations will go to Empowerment program that I chose because of its importance and the sustainability of its results.

Where this program works on empowerment the youth with limited income through qualifying them, development them and to facilitate their access to jobs that enable them to help themselves and develop them.


The founder and chief executive officer of Thawani   Technology Company Mr. Majid Ben Faeel Al-Amiri added: Thawani platform for electronic payment contribute to facilitate donations process to charity works.

Thawani application allows donation to Dar Al-Atta’a Association easily, regardless of the amount of the donation, in this framework, this agreement will facilitate the transfer of donations to the association’s accounts.


The most we can talk about that Thwani Company to techniques has recently the availability of the first operational version to Thawani application free download on Google Play and Apple Store, the new application is one of the easiest resolutions of electronic payment in the Sultanate and the whole region.

For more information about the platform, you can visit the website:


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