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Date : 5, September 2018

During a press conference attended by a number of supporters Dar Al-Atta’a announces the mechanism of preparing and executing a campaign (together for Oman)

The association Dar Al-Atta’a held last Tuesday a press conference of the announcement of the mechanism of preparing and executing a campaign of (together for Oman) and that in Al-Noor hall in Madinat Sultan Qabus.

The conference aims to modify the campaign which started on last July and it will continuous till the end of this year 2018.

As part of Dar Al-Atta’a efforts to be side by side with Omani Community within the disaster relief program adopted by the association.

The conference attended by representatives of the ministry of social development, the Omani Charitable Organization and representatives of the sponsoring companies of Dar Al-Atta’a.

In additional to number of members of the board of directors and media, where during the conference a film was shown for a number of damaged houses and a video of Dar Al-Atta’a achievements and the adopted programs by Dar Al-Atta’a in general.

Dar Al-Atta’a did two site visits to Dhofar and Al-Wasta governorates after the climatic condition of Makono where it inspected a number of affected houses and families in a number of states to evaluate the damages which caused by the tropical situation.

The association has adopted the maintenance and furnishing of 40 houses in the state of Merbat.

The campaign aims to maintenance the damage houses from tropical cyclone Mocono in the state of Merbat, where the conference discus the campaign aims, and implementation mechanism, and the supporting methods to finance the campaign and beneficiaries from it, where they put a complete plan to prepare it, and implemented it.

There has been coordination between the Directorate of Social Development in the state and a specialized consulting office and the supervisor manager on the process of implementation and follow up maintenance.

It is worth mentioning that the amount was collected 433,174.164 OMR.

Dar Al-Atta’a association is very grateful to all shareholders, supporters and donors to this campaign (Ministry of social Development, Oman Telecommunication Company “Omantel”, Magan College, and Oxy Oman Employees).

In additional to donation received through the website and the headquarters of the association, Dar Al-Atta’a invites all individuals and foundations to contribute to increasing number of beneficiaries and those affected by climatic condition to be 100 families.

You can donate trough the account number of the campaign:

Bank Muscat: 0315003966850059

Or through the link: Donate.om/daralatta

It is worth mentioning that Dar al-atta’a was officially declared as a charity association in 2006.



Where the association work to improve the life of pinching families, and activate the process of giving through a positive and constructive partnership with donors and the needy, and that through six programs adopted by association which are:

  1. Family Care Program
  2. School Student Care Program.
  3. Human Values Program.
  4. Empowerment Program.
  5. Let ‘us Read Program.
  6. Disaster relief Program.


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